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Active recreation

Our guests tend to say that we have a small paradise and a haven of peace on earth!

Recreation in Šubrakkrasti

Relaxing, peaceful, quiet, exhilarating, exciting or fun –
this can be your holiday at our guest house!

Active recreation

We offer
  • Sauna with cold pool
  • A swimming place where all our guests can feel safe – there is even a boat and a catamaran
  • Two volleyball courts and a football field
  • Picnic places
  • Hiking nature trails that meander through forests, hills and meadows
  • For an additional fee, you can catch a fish, which is a privilege only for guests who stay overnight
  • Meadow golf

Holiday homes

We offer two holiday homes:
  • Four people will feel comfortable in the house
  • There is a shower, a toilet, a mini-kitchenette with dishes and equipment
  • Small terrace
  • Fire place
  • Swimming place

One cabin for rent –

  • Working days (Monday to Thursday) – 60 EUR/day
  • Holidays (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) – 80 EUR/day
Additional options and services:​
  • New! We offer to warm your body and relax your mind in our hot tub and sauna. The tub is equipped with water massage and LED lights. A barrel-shaped sauna with a rest room and a spacious sauna room. 4-6 people will feel comfortable in the hot tub or sauna at the same time. A pond, shower, sink, outdoor WC, shed with picnic table, grill are available nearby.
    • Hot tub rental –
      • Working days (Sunday to Thursday) – 40 EUR
      • Holidays (Friday, Saturday) – 60 EUR
    • Sauna rental –
      • Working days – 60 EUR
      • Holidays – 80 EUR
    • Tub and sauna set rental –
      • Working days – 80 EUR
      • Holidays – 120 EUR

Rental time for 5 hours

In winter...
… the territory of the guest house is beautifully lit and decorated, which delights our large and small customers. For relaxation with family, friends or a work team, we offer the opportunity to slowly go on cross-country ski trails and enjoy the wonders of nature or go on adventures down the hill with snowtubes or sleds. For lovers of extreme sensations, we also offer to ride a snowmobile.

Cross-country skiing:

  • For skiing, the length of the track is created according to the wishes of the guests from 1 km to 5 km
  • Skiing is only available in natural snow conditions. You must call to book inventory
  • Ski lengths 200, 190, 193, 180, 207, 150, 160, 135, 90 cm
  • Boots sizes 36, 42, 44 (2), 40, 37, 39, 46


When using a guest house for more than one day, we offer a 10% discount.

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