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Our services and the story of our place

Guest house Šubrakkrasti

We are located in a fabulous corner of nature around Gaizinkalns. The name of the guest house comes from the stream “Šubraka”, which flows along the foot of the guest house, and marks the border of two parishes and counties on the map. The well-kept countryside includes a cascade of ponds, a hill by the house with a serpentine road and the surrounding area.

If you are planning a vacation or seminar, family vacation or a romantic weekend, we offer:
  • Conference and seminar rooms;
  • Eight comfortable rooms with beds for up to 30 people (extra places for up to 30 people), hall – for banquets and celebrations, equipped kitchen;
  • Picnic areas, swimming areas, walking trails;
  • In summer – boat, bicycles, fishing, meadow golf, sports fields;
  • In winter – cross-country skiing and snowmobile rides.
  • Excursion;
  • Hill with a serpentine path (hill height 219 m) and a panoramic view from the top and a large swing;
  • View of the flower gardens, selling annual and perennial flowers;

The story of our place began..

.. in the autumn of 1989, in the middle of nowhere, in a neglected building without doors, windows and electricity, when the Aizstrauti family started living here (2nd picture). 

“Kalnozoli” (or now “Šubrakkrasti”) is a place with a very rich history, because before that there was a dairy here and various socially and economically important events took place here. (1st picture) We can safely say that at that time there was no lack of people here and there was even a shop and a telephone exchange.

But unfortunately, the twists and turns of history destroyed everything. Only the ruins testified to the former active life and events. The only building that had survived when the Aizstrauti family started living here was the dairy building built in 1930.

Today, this place is not as populated as it used to be, but the activity continues and the Aizstrauti family is actively developing business. In 1995, the owners founded Z/S “Kalnozols”, which was initially engaged in agriculture (3rd picture), but since 2008 with tourism as SIA “Šubrakkrasti” (4th picture).

In 2001, SIA “ARA Kalnozols” was established, which is engaged in the production and export of non-standard factory equipment to Sweden.

The owners of Šubrakkrasti, Anita and Raimonds Aizstrauti, raise three children in the family – Agrita, Raivo and Tomas, whose upbringing has not allowed them to give up and be patriots of their country, county and parish.

We are proud of our accomplishments and that we have brought life back to this place and that this place is accessible and open to the public.

For beautiful Latvia!

Meadow golf

With us it is possible to learn the game of meadow golf. The territory of our course surrounds about 15 hectares of meadow with a relief typical for Vidzeme. There are both water barriers and sand bunkers on the course, which makes the game of golf much more exciting and interesting.
Meadow golf is a type of classic golf that differs with a less mowed playing field and with some deviations from the basic rules of the game. Meadow golf courses are currently not certified and playing on it is more considered a way of spending free time.
Meadow golf is played in a well-groomed meadow, which is basically also the main basic condition for the creation of a meadow golf course. This is a bit more complicated than classic golf, because the balls are harder to roll and they disappear more often (if you hit in a longer grass or in a large water obstacle).

More information about options and prices here.

Aizstrautu ģimene
Aizstrauti family


When using a guest house for more than one day, we offer a 10% discount.

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